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Healthy Eating Package

Get tested for Healthy Eating Package, know your health better

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Why test for Healthy Eating Package?

This bundle consists of the essential blood assessments that are required to diagnose common chronic ailments which can occur due to weight problems, sedentary lifestyle, own family history or defective nutritional habits. these checks maintain a test on our eating behavior and life-style.

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Parameters Included

Fasting Time: 10 Hours

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Reporting Time: 24 Hours

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Someone has rightly said ‘You don’t should eat less, you have to eat right’. The healthful ingesting bundle by using Eliyah Diagnostics is a test for folks who want to realize the faults they're making within the life-style. those who are aware of wrong eating habits and sedentary way of life understand deep of their hearts that they're doing damage to the body being at a higher hazard of cardiac illnesses, fatty liver, low hemoglobin ought to get the Lipid profile test in Delhi NCR. you could book this KFT test in Delhi NCR by using a smartphone call or through our website. we've got unfastened sample series and our phlebotomist shall come to you for the Hemogram test in Delhi NCR. Your health is critical to us and so we digitize your health records with us. Alongwith the CBC check in Noida comes a loose session from a doctor and dietician. eat healthful and emerge as Eliyah Diagnostics .