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Eliyah Diagnostics Extended Low Energy Checkup

Get tested for ELiyah Diagnostics Extended Low Energy Checkup, know your health better

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Why test for Eliyah Diagnostics Extended Low Energy Checkup?

This package allows to rule out the basis reason of commonplace signs like fatigue, melancholy, feeling low, stupid or widespread weak point. Many a instances, these signs and symptoms are due to underlying deficiency of critical nutrients and nutrients or because of some infections. it is also checks for main persistent ailments which affects the vital organs like liver, kidney etc and to look for their effective control with medicinal drugs.

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Parameters Included

Fasting Time: 10 Hours

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Reporting Time: 24 Hours

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This package includes checks for whole body. these assessments make sure if complete frame organs/vitals are functioning well. An exhaustive preventive checkup for human beings above 30 years of age. Low electricity tiers may be caused by deficiency in positive nutrients. Fatigue and dullness are the criticism not unusual for many humans, and it turns into greater common with age. luckily, there are lots of simple approaches to reinforce energy stages, but the first component is to find out what’s taking place in the body. A low strength checkup blood check will assist you discover what's exactly happening interior your frame. in case you’ve been feeling chronically fatigued, one in every of your electricity-associated biomarkers may be too low or too high and this will be recognized via our strength checkup test in Gurgaon. Our prolonged low strength take a look at bundle covers 72 parameters which additionally includes checks for principal persistent illnesses that may affects the critical organs like liver, kidney etc. e book your online package now and keep a song of your electricity stages!